I am a family physician who has a special, renewed interest in physical fitness and, of course, all kinds of health issues. I had always enjoyed fitness, but it was never a priority for me. I suffered the classic laziness when I got my driver’s license and no longer rode my bike all around town; I suffered a smaller version of the “Freshman 15” in college; worst of all, I put on a lot of weight in medical school – a function of stress-eating and a hectic schedule. I went on exercise binges during medical school and would drop several pounds, but then gain it back quite easily when the demands of school overwhelmed me again. I had tinkered with weight training, but like most beginners I feared the free weights and never really understood what I was doing. I certainly never worked on cleaning up my sloppy diet.

At the beginning of this year (NOT a New Year’s Resolution), I committed to shaping up my lifestyle. There were many factors that culminated in this decision, one of which was turning 30. I knew I could make the necessary changes – it was just a matter of sticking with them long enough to get the results I wanted. One small (but HUGE victory): I haven’t drunk a Mountain Dew since 1/17/2007 and haven’t looked back. After researching the fundamentals of all-around fitness, I invested in free weights and an elliptical and began my own transformation.

My goal of this blog is to demystify the world of fitness and weight-loss and to share my experiences, with suggestions on how to implement similar lifestyle changes for other people. As a physician, I hear all kinds of ballyhoo about the latest/ greatest/easiest weight-loss plans, and frankly, I’m quite disturbed at the notions that drive people to follow these marketing schemes. Work with me – I’ll try to sort it out for you.

It goes without saying that you are responsible for your own health. Before starting on any kind of diet or exercise plan, you should have a [face-to-face] discussion with your regular physician about whether it is appropriate for you. This weblog is simply a collection of my experiences and reflections on a very complicated field. I am not responsible for any adverse events attributed to ideas expressed herein. Any discussion regarding diagnosis and/or treatment of any conditions discussed within this forum does not substitute for a face-to-face interaction with a health professional and should not be considered a professional opinion.


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