10 Tenets of Effective Weight Loss – #3 – Start at the grocery store

3) Start at the grocery store

Setting your mind on a few simple standards at the beginning will make a huge impact over time. You must first learn the types of foods that will optimize your fitness strategy. Food choice is a complicated topic, which can certainly not be mastered in a short period of time. Your preferences will certainly change as your knowledge base expands and as you discover what works for you.

Natural produce is certainly the most important component of a healthy diet. Artificial and/or processed foods should be avoided. There is increasing evidence that processed foods are harmful; after eating a “clean” diet for a long time, you will most certainly notice the negative effects of other processed foods.

Make a commitment to incorporate more fruits and vegetables slowly; you will likely find that you feel better by doing so, which will motivate you to make them a more important part of your diet.

“Shop the perimeter” – In general, the healthiest foods are along the outside edges of grocery stores. There’s a smattering of psychological basis for this layout (fresh food first, milk in rear of store to force people to walk past everything else to get an ‘essential’, snacks/treats at the final corner, and more). Essentially, stick with the produce, food items as unprocessed and unrefined as possible.

“If you don’t buy it, it won’t be in the house for you to eat.” Be smart in the grocery store – buy only what you need. You’ll cut your budget and cut your calorie intake by maintaining some discipline while shopping. My diet is usually pretty simple so I don’t need an extensive shopping list, but make sure you plan ahead before shopping so that you’re not making foolish decisions when in a hurry at the store.

Learn about healthy foods. I recommend World’s Healthiest Foods, which contains a wealth of information about foods containing the essential nutrients. The food list is especially helpful and informative.


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