Weight control during the holidays

Ah, the holidays.  What better excuse to indulge in the sweets and drinks that come out only once a year.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to exercise any sort of self-control when you’re in a “party” atmosphere.  After all, who wants to be the party pooper?

There are a number of sources offering recommendations about how to avoid gaining unnecessary pounds during the holidays.  They offer some pretty good ideas, but you’re nonetheless still likely to gain at least a couple pounds.  Go ahead and do so – as long as you know that it means you’ll have to work them back off in a week or two.

I, unfortunately, have been in a major slump lately – unable to work out because of some ridiculous work hours and a stubborn illness.  Did I mention indulging on chocolate?  At least it was primarily dark chocolate – certainly better than just milk chocolate.  I feel tired and miserable – I’m actually begging for the energy to get back into my workout regimen.

Whatever you do, don’t get too discouraged – you’ve lost weight before, you can do so again.  Prepare yourself to get back into your routine after the holidays.   My favorite off-time activity is reading about other people’s successful transformations, particularly on www.bodybuilding.comHere’s one that I’d love to mimic – pay attention to this guy’s diet – I love the bland diet approach, although you are likely to burn out and head for the candy store after a couple weeks doing that.  I’m particularly impressed with his muscle definition – truly amazing.


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