Easy workout for Northerner’s

Living in Minnesota has its perks once in a while – it all depends on how you look at it. I came home from Christmas at my wife’s family’s house this morning to a driveway full of snow (about 4 inches). Some may consider that a big burden (enough to invest in a snowblower!), but to me that looks like a great workout. Think about it: fresh air, no gasoline, one-time investment in a shovel (unless you break one like I did today), no sweaty machines to wipe off.  I confess, I actually do own a snowblower – a hand-me-down in barely workable condition.  It’s only been used three times in the past 2 years – in situations where I was pressed for time.  But I’ll tell you, it sure feels a lot better to clear that driveway by my own power.


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