New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – to re-focus our efforts on what we feel are priorities.  I think it’s safe to say that health/fitness is among the most oft-repeated resolutions.  I’m not sure what their source is, but our official US government website has a list of the “most popular” resolutions.  Of the 13 resolutions mentioned, 5 are directly related to fitness issues.  No surprise there.  But, as mentioned in my “False Hope Syndrome” post, there’s a reason for the same resolution showing up on the list year after year. 

Go ahead and eat those cookies and sweets leftover from the big Christmas party, go have fun at your New Year’s Eve party, watch all the college football bowl games you can handle . . . as long as you commit to making a change in your lifestyle once you get all of this badness out of your system.  You don’t have to give up all your indulgences once you commit to a healthier lifestyle – you simply make them rare indulgences. 

In fact, the majority of people in bodybuilding, high levels of fitness, etc. hold onto a regular “cheat meal” as part of their training plan.  They have recognized that sticking to an ultra-healthy diet can be tiring and counter-productive.  Whether it’s once a week or once a month, allow yourself to splurge on a favorite food once in a while.  Then you can refocus your efforts on your fitness plan and not feel imprisoned.

Your New Year’s Resolution should be reasonable – few will succeed with an overly dramatic resolution, such as “I will not eat any more sweets” or “I will exercise every day”.  Your body may demand a gradual change, rather than an abrupt change.  Be satisfied that you’re starting in the right direction at first, then worry about perfecting things. 

Good Luck!


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