10 Tenets of Effective Weight Loss – #4 – Must eat to lose weight

4) You must keep eating to lose weight

It is well established that food intake is critical to metabolism. If you drastically cut your calorie intake, your body will go into “starvation” mode, not knowing when it might next see food. It’s basically a version of hibernation, such that your body’s metabolism slows down relative to the reduction in calorie intake. As a consequence, you will not lose weight the way you want to. In fact, when your body is in “starvation” mode and needs to acquire energy, it will sacrifice both muscle and fat indiscriminately in order to provide the needed energy. There goes your much-needed lean body mass, but your body doesn’t know better when it desperately needs energy.

Weight management is actually a fairly simple concept:

Energy balance

Tip the scale to the left, you’ll gain weight; tip it to the right, you’ll lose weight. Sure, you can make weight control extremely complicated, but if you haven’t succeeded with the basics yet, why would you bother doing so? Keep it simple initially, until you learn how your body responds.

How many calories do you need in a day? Energy need is calculated as the sum of your energy use from activities performed throughout the day and the amount of energy used to maintain normal bodily functions (basal metabolic rate).

Calculate your BMR (or resting metabolic rate – RMR) at:


For a lot of esoteric information on calculation of BMR, go to:



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