Body transformation – Who needs a New Year’s Resolution?

As much as I hate the cliche’ nature of New Year’s Resolutions, I am setting myself up for one. I have been off my workout regimen for several weeks, thanks to recent illnesses, demands of work, and just plain lack of motivation. I have no doubt as to whether or not I will make a change. When I put my mind to it, I will do it. Unfortunately, I am suffering from that “inertia” of inactivity right now, and it’s killing me. I have been plotting my next round of my “transformation” but have been reluctant to put it into action, especially knowing that I’ll probably be a bit naughty on New Year’s Eve (Who doesn’t want to be?).

Too bad. No more excuses. I am starting now.

I will get my butt out of bed by 6:00 AM no matter how lazy I am feeling.


I will take a ‘before’ photo in the morning.


I will kick my ass on the elliptical with Blue October blaring throughout the house.


I will eat ‘clean’.


I will lift weights in the evening.


Most importantly, I will not give up.


Stay tuned . . .


One Response to “Body transformation – Who needs a New Year’s Resolution?”

  1. Phuong Nguyen Says:

    I recommend P90X home fitness program. It will get you away from the “inertia of inactivity!”

    Rock it!

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