Had a heck of a good workout tonight – biceps and back. I love doing deadlifts – maybe it’s the idea of moving the most amount of weight. I’m still limited by my grip strength, though. I’ve been doing some grip-strengthening exercises, but my back gets stronger quicker than my grip can keep up.  I may have to get some chalk for the bar.bbdeadlift.gif

Talk about a good sore muscle feeling – when my back is sore from deadlifts, I’m ecstatic. After stacking these workouts this week, I think every body part will hurt tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Deadlifts”

  1. What kind of grip do you use for DLs? I’ve found that using a mixed grip allows my grip to keep up with the rest of me.

  2. I do my warm-up sets with an overhand grip, then do the heavy lifts with a mixed grip, alternating hand positions with each set.

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