Work vs. workout

Yesterday was a marathon of a day.  Woke up at 5:15 AM, hopped on the elliptical for a refreshing HIIT workout, cooked breakfast, showered, ate breakfast, left for hospital at 6:45 AM, scrambled to get to clinic, then had to go back to the hospital for a meeting that just wouldn’t end, finally got home at 10:30 PM, basically went right to bed.  Oh wait, then I was woken repeatedly by my pager since I was on call.  Thank goodness that’s an exception of a day.

I’ve always felt that I get through the day a little better if I can get my workout in before I head to work.  Unfortunately, I had to forego my workout this morning because I barely got sleep last night but then again it’s important to have a day off once in a while.  I actually had a brief discussion with one of my “partners” yesterday about fitting in a workout before work, and she too finds herself feeling a whole lot better if she manages to work out before work.  In residency, I loved being able to bike to the hospital (~ 11miles) on my weekend call shifts when I didn’t have to dress up – easier when I can take a quick shower and lounge (yeah, right) in scrubs all day.  It made such a big difference in my energy level all day.  There’s no way I can bike to my current location, though.  I always feel good after a workout anyway – goes back to those good ol’ endorphins, etc. that are released with exercise.  It’s a bonus to get those endorphins running in the morning, instead of struggling to do so in the evening.  Plus, why not start off by bumping up your metabolism for the whole day?


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