Progress in 2007

I thought I should post some evidence that I’m actually making progress with my “transformation” and not just blowing smoke. Here is the spreadsheet graph of my scale measurements from my 2007 effort:


There are a few things to take away from this graph:

1) Weight will vary considerably day-to-day. A lot of that is just fluctuations in water weight. I have found a consistent relationship between consumption of carbs and increased water weight the next day. As you can see by the bouncy line above, the weight returns to normal fairly quickly once the diet gets back on track. Then, you can see that I really fell off my program in the summer, wasn’t even monitoring my weight.

2) Gradual weight loss is the goal. My goal was 1-2 pounds per week at the most. I may have lost more fat than that, but I was trying to put on some muscle at the same time, so I didn’t care if I wasn’t keeping up with that pace.

3) Metabolism is driven by food. My weight gain from vacation is obvious. I had no intentions of sticking to a strict diet on that vacation, because I had the opportunity to eat an incredible selection of fruits, seafood, etc. When I returned, however, I was not able to jump back into my same exercise regimen and yet, I lost all that vacation weight and more with relative ease. Granted I was playing softball, but that was only 1 night a week. That’s my favorite part of the graph – to me it suggests that my metabolism was running high after eating at will for 10 days, thereby making further weight loss a cinch. Maintaining an adequate caloric intake is critical to weight loss. However, I would not advocate yo-yo dieting, probably okay on a small scale like that but not good in most cases.

4) A vacation is great motivation for weight loss. I confess – it was certainly one major factor. It sure helped me to have something to look forward to, a target date for when I wanted to be in better shape. Obviously fitness is a lifelong journey, but it helps to aim for many short-term goals rather than an idyllic end goal.


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