Free from Dew for a year

Today marks my 1-year anniversary of quitting Mountain Dew. I used to be a religious one-can-daily “user”, tapered down from a ridiculous amount of Dew in college and med school. I now keep the can you see below in the fridge as a little reminder of my victory. I almost want to celebrate this 1-year anniversary by drinking it, but that sounds inappropriate to me for some reason. Cutting out soda was a major step for me – I would get caffeine withdrawal headaches whenever I tried to quit. This time, I went 1 day without a Dew, had a miserable headache, then for the next 2 days, I drank only half a can, then stopped without any further withdrawal headaches.

Haven’t so much as sipped a regular Mountain Dew since [sorry PepsiCo]. At 170 calories a pop, imagine what quitting your regular soda habit will do for your weight. If nothing else, start with just transitioning to diet soda – caffeine without the calories is better than the sugar bomb.



One Response to “Free from Dew for a year”

  1. Caffeinated Teenager Says:

    Hi, I’m Dustin, and I’m a Caffeine addict. My method of choice is the Mountain Dew (the leader of caffeinated pop).
    I’m not really trying to quit, although I should try to cut back. I know for a fact I’m addicted because no matter how hard I’m trying not to, I’m positive I’m going to go in the fridge and drink that last can out of the twelve pack (my fourth one today) sometime in the next hour.
    If you have any helpful tips, they’d be much appreciated xP
    I see you did quite well not doing the dew ^^

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