Take a day off from your workout once in a while

Last night, I decided to skip my regular HIIT workout on the elliptical this morning because my legs were wiped out after a good leg workout 2 nights ago, another good case of DOMS

I also had a bit of a cheat meal for lunch yesterday – how can I turn down fajitas?  With a few more carbs than I normally eat, my weight is predictably up 1 pound this morning, but as I’ve said before I care more about body composition than the number I dial up on the scale. 

Remember to give yourself a break once in a while.  At the minimum, I suggest easing back on the intense cardio/endurance workout at least one day a week.  I don’t have to worry so much about easing back on my weightlifting schedule, because it’s hard enough as it is to fit in my planned 3 days a week. 


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