Getting started on a diet

For those struggling with how to go about creating a healthy diet, take a look at this other site I came across.  It gives detailed analysis of foods, including glycemic index, nutrient content, ability to track foods, etc.

I haven’t had a chance to navigate the site much, but it looks like a useful tool.


One Response to “Getting started on a diet”

  1. Elizabeth Evitts Says:

    Dear Dr. CJ.

    I too live by I wrote a short booklet on how to count calories as being the ONLY sure-fire method to drop weight. (I had put on 25 pounds in one year having hit the perimenopausal wall.) I took this off in 6 months sitting at my desk 80-90 hours a week as a medical transcriptionist with only a brief 1/2 hour walk with the dogs daily and one 2-hour hike per week.

    I say this to support you because my daughter told me: “No one will pay to hear the truth.” It must drive you crazy as a physician…. There have been two medical studies, one from Yale and the other Harvard, which were being conducted at the time I was doing my own private “experiement.” Both of these completely substantiate everything I wrote down, but which no one wants to hear. It amazes me. I am still below my wedding weight going on 3 years later. The booklet costs about 5 dollars…. but folks will spent thousands without results.

    So…. I hear you. Sigh.

    Elizabeth Evitts 801618

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