Daily weight variability

I confess – I had an off week this past week. On top of a nasty little cold, my schedule was crazy. I continued to eat fairly well, but had my share of snacks too. Now that I have that out of my system, I’m going to get back on track.

I made an interesting observation, however, about my plot of daily weights. Normally, when I’m actively working out and eating a clean diet, my daily weight fluctuates a fair amount, e.g. 1-2 lbs above or below the previous day’s weight, usually alternating (see 1st 75% of graph below). This past week, when I haven’t worked out at all and have been eating a lot of junk, my weight has been remarkably steady, albeit slowly climbing (last 25% of graph).

My explanation: water weight fluctuation. There must be significant fluctuations due to sweating, variable water intake, etc. associated with exercise that cause that.  I don’t know – these are the things that are never taught in med school.  Too complicated to put a formula on it, I guess. Or maybe that’s muscle growth from my previous workouts (only grows when resting, mind you). Guess I’ll test that one when I get back into the weightlifting regimen.

This whole experience is a bit of an experiment for me anyways – I’m fascinated by what the human body is capable of doing, in sickness and in health.



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