Weight loss registry

There is a website for The National Weight Control Registry that serves as a collecting pot for individuals who have managed to drop at least 30 pounds of weight and maintain that weight loss for an entire year.  Some research findings are produced based on this registry – take a look at these statistics about those who were sucessful.  You may recognize some common themes that keep coming up with all weight loss advice.   In addition, there are some “Success Stories” that may serve as some “It can be done” motivation.


2 Responses to “Weight loss registry”

  1. Dr. CJ, thank you for the statistics link. I recently joined the NWCR but I wasn’t aware of the published studies available online. – After yo-yo dieting all of my adult life, I lost 100 pounds in 2002, and I’ve maintained a healthy weight since then. I want to help other people who are struggling to lose a significant amount of weight. One of the things I recognized from my own journey is that the hardest part can be just getting motivated in the first place. So, I’ve initiated a service where those who need motivation can get ‘slenderized’ face photos. They can put copies of the enhanced images anywhere they want, uo and including the fridge door. SlenderFaces.com is a new service, just getting started, and I appreciate the opportunity to mention it in your forum. – S Grace Russell

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss . . . and especially maintaining it!

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