10 Tenets of Effective Weight Loss – #7 – Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercise is clearly a beneficial element of a weight loss regimen.  As demonstrated in the image to the right, there are two mechanisms by which the balance of calories can be adjusted in your favor to trend towards weight loss: cut down on calories ingested or increase calories burned.  If that calorie balance is sufficiently in your favor, you should lose weight over time.

There is only so much you can do with diet; crash diets are uncomfortable and counterproductive to your weight loss goals.  The more effective and more healthy alternative is to increase physical activity. 

Exercise is often broken down into two types: cardio and strength trainingCardio is generally accepted as the obvious answer to burning off calories in an attempt to burn fat, lose weight, etc.  The general starting recommendation is to be active for 30 minutes a day most days of the week, activity that causes an increase in one’s heart rate.

Strength training (weight lifting), unfortunately, gets left out of most exercise regimens.  Read this post, and you should be convinced that strength training is a critically important element of a weight loss regimen.  It doesn’t have to be Arnold-caliber bodybuilding; a moderate weightlifting routine is sufficient. Weight-lifting can be an aerobic activity itself and contributes to increased lean body mass, which together can increase one’s basal metabolic rate for increased calorie burning throughout the day.


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