Value of whole grains

Carbohydrates get all the negative press. . . perhaps for good reason.  Simple carbohydrates are certainly not friendly to the body in the sense that they create a high-sugar load in the bloodstream, compared to a more gradual increase in sugar from complex carbohydrates (e.g. whole wheat, whole grain). 

Here’s a study suggesting benefit from a diet high in whole grains in reducing abdominal fat and reducing a marker of inflammation that has been implicated in heart disease risk. 


2 Responses to “Value of whole grains”

  1. allegromedical Says:

    Interesting post. I do know carbs get a ton of negative attention lately, but carbs in moderation translate into energy right?

  2. Carbs are certainly an energy source and are readily available for energy. Carbs not needed for short-term energy needs often get stored as fat, so ,yes, moderation is probably best, probably depends on an individual’s specific goal.

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