More motivational success stories in weight loss

I find that it helps once in a while to  read about how other people achieve their success with weight loss, not only to see what techniques they use, but also to reiterate the idea that it’s possible for anyone in any state of health to take charge and transform their bodies.

Instead of looking at the “young bucks” today, let’s look at the “over-40” crowd.  Though metabolism slows with age, there is never an excuse not to work towards improving your body.

First, a woman in her 50’s who struggled with weight gain in her 40’s, but turned the tide by cleaning up her diet and hitting the weights.

Then, this amazing transformation, not so much by his incredible results, but because of his age.  This 65-year-old man achieved incredible results with a disciplined plan that evolved as he learned how diet and exercise affected him.  Note especially the effect this transformation had on his blood pressure.

It can be done . . . by anyone.


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