Off to my physical exam

You’ve probably heard the saying about how healthcare personnel (doctors/nurses, etc.) are the worst patients – rarely seek attention, rarely do the preventative exams that they encourage to patients, ignore advice when given to them.

It’s true . . . to some extent. I’ve encountered hundreds of much worse layperson patients, but there is some truth to that saying.

Well, I’ve decided to make use of the ol’ insurance coverage by scheduling a physical exam, really just to get my cholesterol rechecked. My “bad” (LDL) cholesterol has always been borderline okay, but my “good” (HDL) has definitely been low.
Now that I’ve busted my butt on diet and exercise, I’m expecting to see a significant improvement in both my HDL and LDL cholesterols. I’m expecting that all my lipid values will be in range now, including the TC/HDL ratio.

We’ll see if my advice to myself was any good.

I’m hungry . . . I always eat breakfast.

Another interesting article on doctors and their family members as patients.


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