Further thoughts on my lipid panel

First, I forgot to mention the family history of abnormal cholesterol profiles – I added that to my theories for why my lipids are so stubborn.

Second,  I’ve decided to change things around a little bit.  I’m going to turn it up a notch with my elliptical work – still doing HIIT on the weekdays, but then HIIT + LISS on the weekends.  For example, this morning I did 60 minutes on the elliptical, 20 of which were HIIT.  (Almost sweat-soaked my entire shirt)

Finally, I’ve made some dietary adjustments.

  • increase my morning oatmeal consumption, one of the few proven dietary methods to reduce cholesterol, primarily LDL cholesterol
  • increase walnut and almond intake (again, has evidence in reducing cholesterol)
  •  cut out my little vices (I’ve suddenly become a chocolate addict since cleaning up my diet – no more)

I probably have an upcoming insurance exam again, which will serve as my next target date to get the lipid numbers in range.  No medication for me – I’m doing this the hard, honest way.


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