Losing weight can save you money

Lest you think that fitness is a goal for the sake of fitness alone, allow me to highlight another huge benefit of getting in shape: to save money.

This article highlights numerous ways in which a healthier lifestyle helps you cut costs.  There’s no doubt that improved health/fitness makes a big difference to insurance companies (health, life, disability), as they often require extensive medical screening and testing to determine whether or not you qualify for coverage as well as to determine your rates.

One of the many personal finance blogs highlighted an article about how to achieve financial success starting with good health as the first key step.  Again, this report demonstrates increased savings/wealth in healthier individuals.  Then, to think that your health may determine your wage/salary at work . . . I guess employers want to see that their employees take care of themselves.

There are plenty of other ways that fitness can increase your wealth, also, for example starting a fitness-related business, modeling, competing in bodybuilding/fitness shows, etc.  I think that smarter grocery shopping is a great bonus, too – cutting unnecessary spending on snacks, soda.  However, it gets expensive if regular food items are being replaced by healthy options like fish.  I’m more than willing, however, to fork out a little extra dough to eat healthy.


One Response to “Losing weight can save you money”

  1. Hello. Great post!Loosing weight can really save you big money. Not buying and avoiding the foods you normally eat can really save you money..

    Nice one!Keep it up:)

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