I can buy pants in my old size again!

I had a partially unintended shopping spree today [I’m a sucker for the clearance racks] and happened to buy a pair of shorts. Up until I began my transformation last year, I was always hesitant to buy pants with a waistband that just fit my body at that time; instead I would always opt for a size bigger, perhaps because I questioned my ability to intervene with my gradual weight gain. So, my waist at that time was 33 inches, and I was usually buying 33 or 34 inch pants, depending on how that particular pant fit.

In one regard, it’s not the most ridiculous thing, because it’s always easier to wear a belt than to fit into pants that are too small. Regardless, I remember that I had to purchase a new pair of shorts just before my wife and I went on vacation in April, 2007, because I wanted to be able to wear shorts that actually fit and didn’t hang off my shrunken waist. Let me tell you – that was a pretty good feeling, a reward for my 3-4 months of hard work prior to that.


Back to today, I grabbed a 3-waist pair of shorts and went to the dressing room. After trying them on, I had to double-check the size because they felt so loose. Sure enough, I am now comfortably back into the 32-waist clothing; I don’t really care to have pants fit any tighter than that. These real-life changes are an example of measurable progress that should serve to motivate you through your own transformation.


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