Food shortage

You may have caught the recent news releases that predict a food shortage in the US, due to the growing population in developing countries and their growing desire for certain foods.  I’d say that the obesity epidemic in the US suggests that there is actually plenty of fod to go around and more – it’s just not used wisely.  Also, think about how much food gets thrown out: at the end of a night by a restaurant, unsold items at the grocery store, in nearly every household after meals, etc.  Sounds like someone has an agenda.

Keep in mind, our government is intent on producing ethanol as a renewable energy source, which of course is processed from corn.  It’s not an efficient energy source, otherwise it wouldn’t require government subsidies and initiatives to encourage its use.  But now we’re burning our food supply, when that food supply is supposedly at high risk of depletion.  Some days I just wanna move outta here.

Finally I found a no-nonsense article that touches on this contradiction, or is it just a dilemma?  I don’t know – I hate politics.


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