How do I find time to workout?!?

Why I got nothing accomplished this week:

Monday: hospital & clinic x 14.5 hrs + on-call

Tuesday: mtg, hospital, & clinic x 15 hrs + on-call

Wednesday: precepting x 9 hrs

Thursday: hospital & clinic x 12.5 hrs

Friday: hospital, clinic, & deliver baby x 11 hrs

Saturday: hospital + on-call

Sunday: hospital + on-call

Grand total 130.5 hours 

Granted, the intensity of on-call time is variable – mostly phone calls, but still attached to an electronic leash and quite limited as to what I can do. For example, at least when I’m on-call, I can work out at home. It would suck to get paged to go to the hospital in a hurry, but I’m sure they’d understand.

I had just been reflecting on how availability of time is a factor in one’s ability to make significant lifestyle changes. This week, however, I exceeded the threshold of comfort. As much as I like working my tail off, I place high value on sleep. It’s often difficult to balance work and exercise, but I think it’s important to make room for both. I failed this week, but there were some unique circumstances at work that demanded excessive time on my part. I’ll have to keep a log of a “slow” week for comparison.


2 Responses to “How do I find time to workout?!?”

  1. Ouch, I do pager time but it is nothing like this. What a busy schedule.

    Maybe you should carry weights around with you at the hospital 🙂

  2. Thankfully, that was an excessively busy week, but not too far from typical weeks. I do get plenty of “stair climbing” at the hospital.

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