Break time

I’m fried after the last 2 weeks of work, and it just won’t stop.  My wife and I have a mega-cheat meal planned for tonight, a buffet dinner before a concert.  I did my HIIT this morning, but don’t feel like much else.  Can’t wait – for both the meal and the show.


3 Responses to “Break time”

  1. Enjoy both of them. You’ve earned it.

    btw, the link is to the Blue Man Group. Is that who you’re seeing? If so, they put on a really fun show. You’ll have a good time.

  2. Yep, it was them, that link was intentional. It was a blast. That’s actually the 4th time I’ve seen them.

  3. I am feeling for you but it seems that we occasionally need more then just a night and a good meal.

    I was pretty burned out about a month ago and decided that it was time for holidays and it still took me a few days to decompress from work and the weight of everything going on from work to family to business.

    Have a great night. Buffets are my favorite kind of food!

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