How you can create the Polymeal at home

It’s nice and all to identify the ingredients in the Polymeal, foods that can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 76%, but how can these be incorporated into a sensible meal rather than simply eating each ingredient independently?

Leave it to the British Medical Journal – they encouraged a follow-up recipe contest to incorporate the Polymeal ingredients in a recipe that would be judged on six criteria: presentation, tastes and textures, creativity, method, clarity of setting out the recipe, and adherence to the recommended quantities of the essential ingredients.

Here is a list of the submitted recipes. [Beware . . . may be British humor within this link]

Here is the winner of the Polymeal recipe contest.  Interesting, although I question the value of cooking with all that butter – doesn’t that negate some of the benefit of the Polymeal?

 I have to say – I agree with this commenter:  Keep it simple.  However, I greatly enjoy the creativity in these recipes.


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