My return

I had a bit of a hiatus over the past few months away from posting on this site.  With the variable demands of my job, I just wasn’t able to maintain the kind of constant presence that I would like to maintain with posting.  I have realized, however, that my goal of making daily posts is probably a bit ambitious for me right now.  Maybe someday when I change up my schedule (read: change jobs) I’ll be able to do so. 

My goal is to provide quality posts, rather than pump out flaky posts just to be able to publish something on a particular day.  Unfortunately, those quality posts require a fair amount of time and effort, both of which are often in limited supply.  I would like to aim to make at least 3, maybe 4, quality posts each week as a starting goal. 

This new goal coincides with my renewed dedication to my fitness regimen in the Fall.  Summer is nearing its end, which signals to me another chance to make significant progress on my health.  I hear a lot that people have more trouble focusing on their health in the winter than summer, but I’ve found the opposite for me.  It’s time to discipline myself again, getting back into my diet and exercise regimens that have worked well for me in the past. 

Thank you to those who have followed my posts in the past and also to those who are newly discovering this site.  Feel free to drop me feedback at any time.


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