About Dr. CJ

In the beginning of 2007, I committed to getting myself back in shape through diet and exercise, a transformation in the making. I am nowhere near my ultimate goal, but have learned the tools necessary to get me there.

Here is my 2007 progress, a plot of my daily weights. weight-graph-2007.jpg

This site is a compilation of the lessons I’ve learned during this transformation, a journal of my continued progress, tips to help others reach their goals, as well as reviews of other health- and fitness-related issues. I hope to provide content that is supported by more than just theory, so you will see a lot of references to published journal articles referencing actual studies, as well as references to my own anecdotal successes and failures. I also aim to ensure that my posts are easily understood to the layperson, but also of interest to those with relevant experience. I do not claim to be an expert in any field – I am a lifelong learner.

As a physician in family medicine, I enjoy my freedom to pursue all areas of medicine, with a special interest in sports medicine, fitness, and preventive medicine. Related medical interests include diabetes and hypertension management. Please read the disclaimer here.


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