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What works in weight loss

Posted in Success stories on December 27, 2007 by Dr. CJ

An amazing day in clinic today – I had two patients  of mine who succeeded with substantial weight loss (lucky to get one a week).  One was a lady in her 50’s who went from approximately 195 to 150 in the past 7 months; another was a guy in his 60’s who went from 300 to 270 in the past year.  Of course I had talked to both of them in the past about the need for weight loss, etc., but neither of them had any major medical comorbidities that made it a more pressing concern.

How’d they do it, you ask?  Simple, according to them.  #1: She cleaned up her diet, controlled portions, made healthy choices replacing processed food with natural foods.  #2: He controlled portion size and joined a fitness club where he walks/bikes/lifts weights.

Why do I mention these two individuals?  Because it is possible for anyone to make substantial changes in their lifestyle to achieve weight loss and improved fitness.   These individuals will enjoy a healthier, more energized life now that they’ve succeeded with weight loss, assuming they are able to maintain it.  Plus, they’ll be seeing me less often since their cholesterol panels and glucose values are markedly improved.  Isn’t that a worthwhile investment?